With eInnovative you don't need to worry about installing software, maintaining license keys, updating, or buying the latest version. Your applications are hosted online and accessible via a web browser. There are no license keys that you need to type in and we update the software for you as soon as a new version is released. For free.


As your company or facility grows, eInnovative grows with you. Your applications can accomodate as many users and facilities as you are able to hire and build. Adding users and facilities will not slow down our software as it does with others.


Our user interface experts keep up-to-date on the latest technologies in the software world. You will never need to worry about your software becoming outdated or unfriendly.


All your data is safe with us. With eInnovative, your data is protected in our safe environment by regular offsite backups. Your IT team will be happy knowing that they can sit back and relax while our team keeps you worry-free.