eConserve is an Internet-based energy management system designed to help you achieve energy efficiency and cost-reduction at your facility.

Our Mission

We created eConserve with one goal in mind: invent a piece of software to interface with our clients that drastically reduces energy consumption and assists in engineering energy cost savings programs.

Efficiency Redefined

It works by installing a data logging device (or many of them) at your facility that communicates with eConserve in real-time. We interpret the signals and turn them into savings for your facility.

By utilizing this software, you are able to monitor your energy consumption, allowing you to spot trends and see the effects of energy cost savings programs.

Our technicians and engineers can use this data to assist in designing new cost savings programs for your facility, bringing it ever closer to your ultimate efficiency goals.


  • Monitor daily cost and consumption
  • Real-time load profiling and demand monitoring
  • Day-to-day energy trend analysis
  • Detailed energy reporting
  • Utility bill metric analysis
  • Facility benchmarking and peer comparisons
  • Meter and weather monitoring
  • Task scheduling and cost savings program interface
  • Continual improvement progress tracking
  • Alarming and email notifications

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