What is eInnovative?

eInnovative is a cloud-based online platform built from the ground up to put your refrigerated facility on the bleeding edge of technology. A product of Innovative Refrigeration Systems, Inc., eInnovative gives your administrators more power than ever before to manage their facility. eInnovative is trusted by hundreds of refrigerated warehouses across the world, and the number is growing. eInnovative users are able to maintain PSM programs, RMP programs, comply with OSHA and EPA regulations, monitor facility energy spending, and manage work orders with only basic computer skills necessary.

What sets eInnovative apart?

Besides being the only online platform of its kind in the refrigeration industry today, eInnovative integrates all aspects of our software into one, hosted solution. You don't need to worry about servers, software, installation, maintenance, or downtime - our 24/7 team of engineers will take care of all that for you. Our support team is top-notch and will assist you in managing your facility through our software. With eInnovative, you don't just get some off-the-shelf software, you get a software solution that was built from the ground up for refrigerated warehouses.

Who's behind the product?

Innovative Refrigeration Systems, Inc.

Innovative Refrigeration Systems, Inc. is a nationwide powerhouse in the refrigeration industry. Its software development division handles all aspects of the software, leaving you worry free. With 22+ years of expert industrial refrigeration experience, their entire team stands behind eInnovative.

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